Ultimate Design

At the end of the 16 century, a new movement in art spreads quickly across Europe and eventually reaches Austria. It is the dawn of the Baroque. In music, the virtuous compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach are about to create controversy: in fine arts spectators are about to gaze in astonishment at sumptuous splendour in visual expressions and architecture. Bright colours fancy playfully carved lines, gilded frames and sculptural figures. Grand and opulent in expression.Manufactured over countless hours by our artisans the Bösendorfer Baroque is one of our most extravagant designs. Sophisticated decorations perfect the Ivory coloured satin silhouette of the piano, the individually carved legs, as well as the lavish use of gold, showing the artisan’s loving eye for detail. The Bösendorfer Baroque is not only extravagant in sound but also in appearance.


Designed for Bösendorfer Grands 170 to 290
Handcrafted in Austria


Bösendorfer Silent Edition
Bösendorfer Player Edition

Product changes reserved. Photos of products, colours and veneer patterns shown serve as sample.