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Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn were in love with her, Schubert and Schönberg admired her. The city of Vienna , like no other, has been the focal point of music and art for centuries. Names like the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra , the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Viennese Waltzare world famous and are ambassadors of the city of music. Our Bösendorfer Grand Vienna pays tribute to our city which Bösendorfer has called home for nearly two centuries. Delicate shapes, refined marquetry and selected application of the precious Amboyna veneer complement this piano combining our musical heritage with masterful craftsmanship. The ornate candle desks on each side of the beautiful music desk remind you of endless hours during night dedicated to the creations of Vienna’s grand masters. By playing this instrument those compositions come to life and resonate the tunes of Vienna.


Amboyna polished
Designed for Bösendorfer Grands 170 to 290
Handcrafted in Austria


Bösendorfer Silent Edition
Bösendorfer Player Edition
Selected veneers and finishes upon request

Product changes reserved. Photos of products, colours and veneer patterns shown serve as sample.