Bösendorfer ranks among the world’s oldest piano manufacturers, rich in tradition and world-famous for its unmistakably inspiring sound, as well as the outstanding quality of its instruments.

Within every Bösendorfer piano lies not only a full year’s work, but also the expertise that has been passed down from one generation to the next since the company’s founding in 1828.

The Bösendorfer piano company was established when Ignaz Bösendorfer registered his business as a piano maker in Vienna, which was considered a centre for musical culture and a traditional city for piano music. The primary aspiration was to retain the character of the Viennese instrument, which is oriented toward a mellow string sound, while increasing its volume of sound. Bösendorfer instruments’ full, singing, sustaining sound—even in the powerful bass register—would become the company’s hallmark in the ensuing 189 years. At this time, the young genius Franz Liszt encountered an instrument by Bösendorfer. This prompted him to write, “The perfection of a Bösendorfer exceeds my most ideal expectations…” and the encounter led to a lifelong connection with the up-and-coming family of piano builders. Bösendorfers are still painstakingly created in Austria today using many of the extraordinary designs and same handcrafted techniques developed by its founders, delivering the unique Bösendorfer sound to concert stages, educational institutions, pianists and music lovers worldwide. Acquiring a Bösendorfer is a lifetime dream for many people, and the Australian Piano Warehouse is proud to be the showroom for these exceptional instruments. We welcome you to visit us, experience these instruments and discover what elite artists and performers throughout the last three centuries have coveted in its tone, touch and design.


The Australian Piano Warehouse are owned and operated by Dale Cleves Music, a music retailer established in 1964 with over 50 years experience. Our stores include the Australian Piano Warehouse in Sydney, Melbourne, Blackburn (VIC), Brisbane & Perth, Winston Music in Adelaide, and Dale Cleves Music store in Warrnambool. We are proudly family owned and still under the same ownership today. 2023 marks the 26th anniversary of the relationship between The Cleves family and Bösendorfer. As the trusted and exclusive Australian distributor of these prestigious instruments, we have been able to develop a very special and close working relationship with Bösendorfer, their directors and technicians. This unique relationship enables us to ensure your every question is met with the utmost professionalism by the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.